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 ACCEPTED-Looking for leaders | Hitman

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PostSubject: ACCEPTED-Looking for leaders | Hitman   Sat Jun 28, 2008 7:54 am

IC - In Charcter information.

First Name: Chase

Last Name: Fincher

Age: 21

Origin: American

Sex: Male

Adress: Saint John. 13

Life Story [5-7 Lines]:
I was born in 15/04/1987, East California, United Stats of america.
I was a really good kid, and our family was regulary as every one else...
I had 2 parents, and one sister.
When I was 12i years old, my dady and I was driving to a forest.
In that forest, he gave me a gun and he told me:
Son, hit that target over there.
If you really wanna know, the target was a bottle of beer.
I've actually, hitted it, and I felt something inside me, something burning.
I think this thing, called a Passion, A Passion for killing.
Ever since that day, i was going wrong.
I got failiures in my school, i was never doing anything i was usually do, and my mother didnt understand what happend.
After two monthes, someone came to our house, and robbed my mother.
That guy left, actually, i made him leave.
I took the gun from my father's drawer, I've reloaded it.
And i shot, **Boom** **Boom**.
The guy, just layed at the floor, bleeding from his 2 bullets i shot in his head.
Since that day, I never was my self.
Four years as passed, and i was 18 years old. ready to leave home.
While i was searching a home in the streets, some wierd guys was following me, I've enterd to a backally, and they enterd too.
We started to talk, they were CIA agents, they wanted me to work with them.
They told my they were following me since i was 10 years old.
I accepted their offer.
3 years has past, and i was really promoted.
But that work wasnt fine to me.
So i quit the job, but the agents told me, you cant quit it.
So i ran off. bought a gun.
Just waited for them to come.
Suddenly, they came.
I shot them all.
3 days from that day, i was the most wanted man on earth.
I opend up a group of really wanted people.
it was called : Hitmen.
That job was really easy, and fun!
We were killing people for money.
Since that day. I was a happy man, with a happy life.
OOC - Out Of Charcter information.

Name: Daniel

Age: 15

Why did you choose this faction?
Becuase in essence, I really like killing people for money.
And, I thing that hitman is very cool faction.

RP Level:High

English Level:High

1. Give me 5 /me CMDs to your faction.

/me takes out his laptop and orders something
/me takes out his knife, and stabs the man in the ne
/me attempt to tie the man to the chair.
/me sucess
/me takes out his laptop, and checks for contracts
/me Aims at the man and shouts: Dont move!

2. Someone /w you "I gonna rob you!!". 2 mins later, you need a ride, and
this person appears with a car.
What should you do?

Actually, thats okay if hes doing it, but its really lame...
Because its OOC, I suggest for the next time.
Do it in RP way...

3. Explain in 2 lined what is OOC and what is IC.

Answer: OOC - Out of character [ When your talking about the game or something else in /o ]
IC - In character [in game, when you are driving, eating, breathing, chating, making any deals, killing and soo..]

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PostSubject: You sucks!   Sat Jun 28, 2008 8:21 am

Dude you SUCK!
My lil sister write a better application without copy-paste...
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PostSubject: Re: ACCEPTED-Looking for leaders | Hitman   Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:06 am


I hopw you didnt copied that story.
Please meet me In-Game for a RP test.

Tom Volman.
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PostSubject: Re: ACCEPTED-Looking for leaders | Hitman   

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ACCEPTED-Looking for leaders | Hitman
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