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 About- RK, CK, Metagaming, Powergaming

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About- RK, CK, Metagaming, Powergaming Empty
PostSubject: About- RK, CK, Metagaming, Powergaming   About- RK, CK, Metagaming, Powergaming Icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2008 8:04 am

First of all, we are going to talk abuot : RK.
Rk is actually a abbreviation of Reveng Kill.
it means, when you get killed. you cannot go and kill the person that killed you.

CK is actually a abbreviation of Character Kill.
it means, when some one CK you, you get jailed for 99999999999999 minutes, and needs to open up a new account, for example :
A Hitman comes and CK you, because some one rented him.


Metagaming is when i see someone in the street i cant just look above his char, and tell his name. i need to know him before, for example:
A Guy : Hey Kakashi, whats up.
Kakashi : Do i know you?

Thats wrong! he said he dont know you!
and you dont know him too!

you need to say:

A Guy : Hello sir
Kakashi : Hey.
A Guy : Nice shirt
Kakashi : thanks. i bought it in ZIP
A Guy : Nice... whats your name?
Kakashi : Kakashi, whats yours?
A Guy : Yohav.
Kakashi : Hey yohav, nice to meet you.
A Guy : Nice to meet you too!

Powergaming is that, if you are doing any /me commands. you cant do that for example :
/me takes off his pants in public - its non-rp, you wont take off your pants in public!
/me takes out a sniper from his ass - you cant take a sniper from the ass!

thats it...
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About- RK, CK, Metagaming, Powergaming
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