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 aSGames Role Play, Server's Rules.

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aSGames Role Play, Server's Rules. Empty
PostSubject: aSGames Role Play, Server's Rules.   aSGames Role Play, Server's Rules. Icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2008 8:10 am

Dont spam ooc, ic!

Dont DM

Dont Do Metagaming, Powergaming!

Dont play non-rp.

Regular Players cant go OOC!, only admins!

Dont kill admins in OOC!

Dont do noobish advertise like : "Selling Guns"

Dont mix OOC/IC

Dont use any kind of hacks/cheats!

Drive RP'LY

Dont insult OOC! anyone!

Use /report in order to report bug/someone. dont do it in /ooc

To ask question :
Only in forums or in game /? - question | /! - answer!

Dont drive by, else your a cop, or your not the driver.

Dont RK.

Dont CK, with out a premission of a admin!


Applications for admin and leaderation is in forum!

Thats all guys.
if i add something, ill edit it!

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aSGames Role Play, Server's Rules.
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