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 Yakuza Ranks + skins

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PostSubject: Yakuza Ranks + skins   Yakuza Ranks + skins Icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2008 11:29 pm

About the yakuza ranks : its me Kenshi_Eshimoto again and this is information about the yakuza mafia rank . if you still got questions just ask.

rank 1. Associate – a new guy that want to be a part of the mafia he must prove his self and work hard to be trusted .

rank 2. EnForcer – that new guy is now promoted he start to be more trusted but still have to listen to the higher ranks to be promoted again.

Rank 3. MadeMan – from now the guy that got to this rank earn some respect and start getting money from the boss and ready to do dirty jobs if an higher rank order him .

Rank 4. Capo – a guy that earn enough respect he earn more money then rank3 and must be respected couse when the higher ranks are busy he take the control of the mafia until the higher ranks are back .

Rank 5. Consoliery – [underboss] :the guy that the boss most trust if the boss will die he will take the control of the mafia business . he can give orders to the lower ranks and must be respected . if the lower ranks have problems they should talk to him and he will tell the boss and help him find a solution to the problem .

Rank 6. Don – [boss] : the boss is the head behind the mafia his very busy to help the mafia business more advanced and better and he is the most respected and the most higher rank. And his job is to make sure the mafia will continue to exist.

Ranks skins – i didn’t find how to put pictures so this is the ID's
Rank1 - 170 /250
Rank2 – 121
Rank3 – 122
Rank4 – 123
Rank5 – 186
Rank6 - 120

The End !! =D [Jap] i hope that thsi guide will give answears to some of your queastions
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PostSubject: Re: Yakuza Ranks + skins   Yakuza Ranks + skins Icon_minitimeMon Jul 07, 2008 4:06 pm

Lol why the yakuza using the LCN ranks first of all Don,Capo are Italian Words with meaning for a Better RP find out the Real Yakuza Runk and the Way yakuza is Working IRL, Need an Advice conntact my Very Happy
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Yakuza Ranks + skins
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