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 Pietro_Luciano's application

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PostSubject: Pietro_Luciano's application   Pietro_Luciano's application Icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2008 11:30 pm

i promised thet ill wriite it today beacouse i couldnt in the time

Hello my name is Pietro_Luciano and i am 27 years old.
I was born in Italy in 1980.
I have Mother age:63 and Father thet murdered when i was young and i dont have any brothers.
So this is my life story:
I dont know how to name my childhood but it wasnt easy.
I was living in a crime hood called Costa Nostra, if you are strong you will survive, if not you will be killed or you will always robbed by the strongers.
When i was young my parents didnt want to handle with the killers and all so they allways let the strongers take thier money and thier staff.
We was leaving in a big house but when my father worked and always the strongers came and took all our money my parents couldnt allow us leaving in thet big house so we soled it.
in the day thet we sold it and got the money some Japaniese guys from the yakuza saw thet.
some guys came to my father with guns and saied "give the package or you will be dead.
In the secound i was very scared so i ran away.
When i was running i saw the police, so i called an officer and showed him where is my house and the robers.
When we arrived the robers saw the officer.
They didnt want to get arrested so they aim on my father and sayed thet they will kill him if the officer wont get the gun down.
The officer didnt stop to aim on them and he shot the guy thet aim on my father.
the other guys saw thet their friend got shot so one of them shot my father and ran away.
The officer called the ambulance and ran after them.
When i saw the look at my father's eyes when he was dying i sweared thet i will kill the killer.
The officer didnt get the Japanese, he came back to my house and said to me and to my mother thet the police couldnt catch the killers but the know the name of one of them, the leader.
His name is Kenshi_Eshimoto.
When my father got killed i was 13 years old, me and my mother boughet some little house thet my mother could maintain.
My father's destruction influenced alot on me and on my mother.
One day i took some money from mother's pocket and bought a gun to protect us.
I didnt want to tell her about thet beacouse she is'nt believe in violent.
After thet not alot of peoples came to rob us beacouse when they came i showen them thet we are no more silents.
When i grew up i was learning and working toghther to help my mother to maintenance us and i was mainly selling guns.
After i have done all the studying {Age 25} i opened an security company, i have succeed with my company and now i am 27 years old, living in Los Santos in my own house and maintainer my mom.
Now i am learning to become an officer beacouse it will help me to fight the crimers and the robbers {like in my swear}.
but it didnt make up beacause i have remembered my father all the time and it maked me angry.
so i desided to open some crime familly called the L.C.N- La Costa Nostra.
i called my crime familly on my chiled hood becouse i want to revenge my father's death.
I did alot of money by sell guns and rob people, i dont like it but this the life.
So after i maked all the money i sold my house and bought some big villa with a big garden and alot of cars.
I have protections on all my house and have some workers in the LCN.
I heard thet the Yakuza lives here so i can revenge my father's death.
i will be looking for the yakuze in every where and i will kill the one thet killed my father.
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Pietro_Luciano's application
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