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PostSubject: Looking For Leaders | LSPD   Looking For Leaders | LSPD Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2008 2:56 pm

IC - In Charcter information.

First Name: Denis

Last Name:Alekin


Origin:Asia - Russia


Adress:a little hotel near The alhambra club in Los santos

Life Story [5-7 Lines]:
Denis was born in Russia for Rich Family
His Father Worked as Bussines man and his
mother Didnt Worked one day when Denis was 7 years old
He and his mother and father go to the
bank and after 20 minutes comes Some Guy's with black mask's
first they killed the guerds and then they said in arabic "Alla ackber" and killed
all the people that was there and i was hiding under my father and mother
and they didnt saw me and thet day i sayed i will revenge to this
Terrorists, and they runed fast from the bank to they cars and the police didnt
found them,and then the police comed to the bank
with paramedics and taked all to the hospital but no one haved survived
and Me taked to my uncle to live with him, my uncle send me to school for
rich Familys and there i learned that revenge its not good thing
because 10 peoples are gone in the bank robber and i wont that will be more
to take the terrorists life only to put him in jail that they will learn there
that is not good to kill and take peoples from this world
,after 26 years of good
without problems passed
and now i am looking for real job like be A Cop.

OOC - Out Of Charcter information.



Why did you choose this faction?
Because have a lot of criminals out there.

RP Level:8

English Level: 8

2. Answer:

1. Give me 5 /me CMDs to your faction.

/me takes out deagle from the belt
/me Attempt To Drags the man To The Car
/me Succeesed
/me Puts back the deagle to the belt
/me rolls down the window

2. Someone /w you "I gonna rob you!!". 2 mins later, you need a ride, and
this person appears with a car.
What should you do?

Get in his car and say to him i need a ride to
the Police Station and dont insult him.

3. Explain in 2 lined what is OOC and what is IC.

OOC (out of Charcter) that what happen in real life
IC ( In Charcter) That what happen In Game real life
and you cant mix OOC in ic.
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Looking For Leaders | LSPD
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