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 [OOC] Army Rules

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[OOC] Army Rules Empty
PostSubject: [OOC] Army Rules   [OOC] Army Rules Icon_minitimeMon Jul 07, 2008 11:13 am

Army Soldiers have to follow those rules all the time, not doing so may result in being demoted or kicked.
Here are IC and OOC Rules.

1. Always follow higher rank orders.
2. Do not ignore your general.
3. Do not use hydras or hunters unless you got permission, you can use them without permission from Rank 4 (Captain).
4. Do not abuse your powers, doing so may result in being dismissed.
5. Always close gates after using them.
6. After using cars, destroy them or drown them or park them back in base. If the car has shot tyre/smoking engine then destroy or drown.
7. When higher rank gives you order, always say "Sir, yes sir!".

If there isn't something, then it doesn't mean that it's allowed. Before doing something - ask general.

Cars that ranks can use:
Rank 1: Hummer
Rank 2: Hummer, Brown LSPD Car
Rank 3: Hummer, Brown LSPD Car
Rank 4: Hummer, Hunter, Hydra, Brown LSPD Car.
Rank 5: Hummer, Hunter, Hydra, Brown LSPD Car, Barracks.
Rank 6 (General): Hummer, Hunter, Hydra, Brown LSPD Car, Barracks, Rhino (All Cars).
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[OOC] Army Rules
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