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 New Impruved Application to the Grove, and Story.

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PostSubject: New Impruved Application to the Grove, and Story.   Mon Jul 07, 2008 2:26 pm

Joining the Grove Street Will be Done Both Ways IC, And OOC

IC Joining, for joinging the Grove use whatevery you got start hanging with the Grove members Rent a House in the Grove street in time you'll be a Grove Member as well

But yet if you want to join ooc this is the Application

IC Info:

Wacha' Name hommie?
So Hommie' Where ya' From?
How old Are Ya'?
What tha' hack ya' doin' in he're can' Ya' tell me how ya' got here((Char Story))?
Aigh' Foo so wha' can ya' do?

((OOC Info:

Role Play Experiance:
English Experiance:

Alright' I hope ya' Worth it Lets give Ya' a Try
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New Impruved Application to the Grove, and Story.
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