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 Little Role Play Guide

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PostSubject: Little Role Play Guide   Little Role Play Guide Icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2008 12:50 am

Hello and welcome to our RP server first our IP server
Server IP:

Now some guide about our server:
1)In our server every one play RP
2)At this server you can`t mix OOC and IC (We'll talk about RP chates later)

RolePlay Information:

OOC= Out Of Character
IC= In Character

OOC Mean:
OOC its your REAL life at your REAL home
You have many OOC chat in the game like: /o, /w, /b, /f,
you can talk in /w and /f you can talk your own Language
in /o and /b you must to talk English

IC Mean:
IC its your way to do every thing in you Character
If you name its "Martin_Cooper" every thing you do ICly its for
"Martin_Cooper" You have IC chat in the game like: /r, /sms, /s, /me, /d,
You can`t say every thing you want its ICly chat!
IC its the way to say what you feel and to use /me

/me Its Important command now some guide on /me Command
/Me: /me its to way to show something you can`t show with anim like
/me takes out a gun from his jacket, the GTA you can`t do anim like someone take out a gun from his real jacket /me its Action command to show operation

[color=blue]The End:
If You Need More Help You Can Type /Help At The Game And If You Have Question
Type /? And If You Saw Cheater/Hacker Use /Report For Report It To Admins
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Little Role Play Guide
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