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 ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | LCN

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PostSubject: ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | LCN   Sat Jun 28, 2008 12:53 am

IC - In Charcter information.

First Name: Pietro

Last Name: Luciano

Age: 28

Origin: Italian

Sex: Male

Life Story [5-7 Lines]:

On my father's cpmputer Sad ill put it on sunday Sad sorry

OOC - Out Of Charcter information.

Name: Yanir

Age: 15

Why did you choose this faction?

RP Level: 10/10

English Level: 9/10

2. Answer: I have a good RP level and i was LCN's leader in other servers

1. Give me 5 /me CMDs to your faction.

/me takes out his gun from his belt
/me takes out a rifle from his belt
/me puts the rifle in his gun
/me unstolls his gun
/me puts his gun back to his belt

2. Someone /w you "I gonna rob you!!". 2 mins later, you need a ride, and
this person appears with a car.
What should you do?

i cant even think about ignore him beacouse if i will it will be non rp {Metagaming=mix ic with ooc}
so ill get in his car

3. Explain in 2 lined what is OOC and what is IC.

OOC means Out Of Character
IC means In Character
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PostSubject: Re: ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | LCN   Sat Jun 28, 2008 1:15 am


Your RP is great!
But I wont decide until I'll see your story.
I accept you for a period time [Untill I'll see your story]
Meet Me In-Game.
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ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | LCN
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