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 DENIED-Looking For Leaders | FBI

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PostSubject: DENIED-Looking For Leaders | FBI   Sat Jun 28, 2008 12:57 am

1. Fill This Application Form:

IC - In Charcter information.

First Name:John

Last Name:Crime


Origin:USA, NewYOrk



Life Story [5-7 Lines]:
I was born in the age 8 killed my father of robbers in middle of robbery of bank. I grew my mother told me that killed my father in middle of robbery of bank. I promised to myself enlargement I will work in fbi Ohitpos bad people

OOC - Out Of Charcter information.



Why did you choose this faction? because I love all the segment of the police that she needs to catch the robbers at Hfbi it is something other they can follow after people they could be hidden agents

RP Level:1

English Level:8/10

1. Give me 5 /me CMDs to your faction.

/me taking out a weapon from the under shirt
/me Publisher of handcuffs
/me Publisher of device of listening
/me grab the man/woman
/me To tie the man to the chair

2. Someone /w you "I gonna rob you!!". 2 mins later, you need a ride, and
this person appears with a car.
What should you do?

It was metagaming that he says you in / w that he goes to rob you this mixing between ooc of ic


3. Explain in 2 lined what is OOC and what is IC.


1. In Cher

Example for IC :
1. Hello Sir, How May Can I help you ?

2.Out Of Cher

Example For OOC :
1. Hey All, Whats Up ?
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PostSubject: Re: DENIED-Looking For Leaders | FBI   Sat Jun 28, 2008 1:13 am



Look I am realy sorry, but your English sucks.
I know you have a great RP, but English its an importent thing.
Please improove it and try again.
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DENIED-Looking For Leaders | FBI
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