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 ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Yakuza

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ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Yakuza Empty
PostSubject: ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Yakuza   ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Yakuza Icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2008 1:21 am

Hello, my name in game is Kenshi_Eshimoto and i want to be the Yakuza leader , the reasons i got rp experience i can bring players that know rp and help the server getting more players so about our story , I hope you will like it 

Information :
Name : Kenshi_Eshimoto
IC age 29

The Yakuza Story Ė

The story begin in Japan as a child i lived in small village called Chen Kan, i was seven years old and my brother Oukami was five years old we was a normal family a father , a mother , me , and my small brother i never go to school or have social life because i was poor to help our family me and my brother were selling flowers to people , some times to tourist me and my little brother sold some flowers and when we come back home i seen a big guy with black shirt and a flower on the he was yelling my father someting about money our father , my father was worried when he notice that we see the weird guy in our home my father payed him some money but he look like he wasent satisfied he left our place and close the door very hard , my father told us to go sleep and that nothing happend i knew that someting is suspicious after that day a week passed me and my little brother did like we always do selling flowers , we came back late it was 12:00 pm i open the door and closed it slowly couse i thought that maybe our parents are sleeping couse they always work hard so we will have money to get food , we walked slowly so they wont wake up step by step i open the small lamp so we can go to our room when i open the light i noticed my mother and fathers laying on the ground my father tryed to stand up he was bleeding but our mother didnít bleed her eyes was open she look so white she wasent alive .. me and my little brother cryed like we never cryed before we understand that we will never see our parents again my father try to tell me someting importent , he told me Kenshi take care of..... he stop talking ... i found a flower the same flower that weird guy a week before had i understand what happend very clearly i took my father gun from his room and never come back .. after 2 month's my little brother was adopted but i run away and lived in the street sometimes i meet good people that gave me food or small money and sometimes bad people that i knew how to run from but the onli thing i thought about was revenge one morning i woke up in the street in cheng may i have notice two guys talking one of them had familiar face i realized that guy . it was that guy that murder my parents i go to him and unhoster my gun and didnít think twice i shoot his head and run away the other guy that talk to him run away the fast I could the police came very fast i had no place to run I was surrounded I head a car white car driving fast some one shout from the car run to my car!!! I run they police tried to shoot we lost them after an hour he drive like a professional after that we stop the car far from chang may he gave me a note with his number he told me to call when im ready. When I was 18 I called him he offerd me to work for him I did for 10 years why only 10 ? he died got shot the police track him down . I took over the business , the business was a mafia called Yakuza I was the boss I worked with the old boss mafia workers I have offerd my little brother to take him with me now his the underboss we are no longer poor , we are no longer scare .

When I grow up I helped a kid 18 years old his name is Takashi I helped him because i found him in the street alone I offerd him to work for me today his working for me and the reason is simple he remind me my self .

Okie it wasent easy but END
i work alot of time for it i hope its enough xD
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ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Yakuza Empty
PostSubject: Re: ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Yakuza   ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Yakuza Icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2008 1:23 am


Great English!
I hope you didnt copied, and if you did, thats a shame.
I want to test your RP, to see if it as good as I think.

Tom Volman
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ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Yakuza
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