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 ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Terror

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PostSubject: ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Terror   ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Terror Icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2008 1:20 pm

IC - In Charcter information.

First Name:Mustafa

Last Name:Ali


Origin: Asia-Airan


Adress:Little Hotel near the gas station

Life Story [5-7 Lines]:
MustafaWas Burn For poor Family in Airan His mother name was Vidad
And Father name is Ahmad,Vidad Worked As cleaner.
and Ahmad Worked as beekeeper,
one day when i was 10 years old my Father is gone
Mustafa doesnt know what happend to him he thinks he dead,
his mother haved problem with the money and she took all the
money that she haved ,and fly with Mustafa To Los Santos then she frisked for
Job she found cleaning job in club Mustafa didnt know what the job,
after 2 years some mafia comes and kill all who was in the
Club because the club didnt pay a lot of time to the mafia,
Some man come to the house of Mustafa and say to him go away from this house,
then he go to live in the street he stealed money from pepoles and houses
5 years was passed then he haved a lot of money he rented house near the gas station,then some one in the hotel annoyed him then he buy a gun from his freind for sdpistol 1000 Dollar Then he killed that man when he was in the shower then he puted the gun in mans hand the he runed fast to his room and put out his dirty clothes and puted this clothes in black small bag and then he puted it in the garabge and no one thinked he killed that man , Then he worked as drugs dealer from 17-30 from 30-37 he was gun dealer.
now he is 37 years old and dont have job.

OOC - Out Of Charcter information.



Why did you choose this faction? Because I love to kidnap peoples and do terrorist attacks on peoples and kill them.

RP Level:9

English Level:8

2. Answer:

1. Give me 5 /me CMDs to your faction.

/me Takes Out Pistol/Deagle/Knife From The Belt
/me Puts Back The Pistol/Deagle/Knife To The belt
/me opens the trunk
/me Takes Out mp5/M4/AK47/ShotGun/Rifle/RPG From The Trunk
/me rolls down the window

2. Someone /w you "I gonna rob you!!". 2 mins later, you need a ride, and
this person appears with a car.
What should you do?

get in his car and talk to him nicly
and said to him you need a ride to DMV

3. Explain in 2 lined what is OOC and what is IC.


Ooc its The real life like if some one asking you where do you live in the real life you say israel,how old are you? 15 years old./b /o[out of chareter)
Ic its The In Game Life Like you cant see the players name on the head in ic you cant say omg wtf afk brb stfu np tnx ty(in chareter)
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ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Terror Empty
PostSubject: Re: ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Terror   ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Terror Icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2008 10:05 pm


Nice apply body.
Meet me In-Game for more details.

Tom Volman.
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ACCEPTED-Looking For Leaders | Terror
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